What’s the perfect martial art for you?

Grappling with the idea of grappling?  Want a ‘kick’ out of life?  Need to get energized or decompress?  Looking for the PERFECT martial art?   Spoiler alert – there isn’t one, because despite what many martial arts teachers and combative experts say, each style and system has its pros and cons.  So before you entrust your training to a stranger and invest your limited time, valuable energy and hard-earned dollars in a martial arts program, you should do some groundwork – yikes….work!  Here’s the good news:  most of this can be done without leaving the comfort of your keyboard or security of your smartphone. 

First, figure out your goals and interests and what type of activity balances your needs and personality.  Are you a parent who knows your tech-tethered kid needs to be more physically fit and have fun?  Do you want your shy child to be more confident and compassionate, or your less-than-academically-inclined tween to develop essential life skills like focus and self-discipline? Does your teen need bully education or street safety training in a cool social atmosphere that supports mutual respect along with other good health habits? Even while recognizing the value of team activities, does your youngster need to grow as an individual?  Perhaps your son or daughter has special needs?  Are you a busy parent trying to find ways to balance me-and-we time, or a stressed-out adult looking to unplug?  Maybe you’re a type A++ who craves an activity that challenges your mind and feeds your goals while taking you to the next level physically, and at the same time, teaches you stuff? Whether heating-up or chilling-down, are you looking for a supportive environment, or do you prefer a grunt-and-go vibe?

As you can see, when it comes to martial training, one-size doesn’t fit all, and finding the perfect best martial art for you, your family and friends is really about matching the individual to the right martial school. OK… how do you do that?  TEST IT*:

T Time in business and reputation

E Equipped, safe and sanitary

S Schedule (variety of classes/times, up to 7 days a week, year-round)

T Transportation (public transportation, parking, close to home)

I Introductory programs and all-inclusive tuition

T Teacher experience, certification + teacher: student ratio

(*Source: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Martial Arts)

Here comes the self-serving part – a few consumer crib-notes that will save you some of that limited time we mentioned above particularly if you’re checking out Northern Karate Schools:

T In business since 1972 and an A+ reputation (according to the Better Business Bureau), Voted #1 and 5-star (many media) + most importantly, NKS’ leading referral source is word-of-mouth/via our students.

Need more? NKS’ classic and cutting-edge system is praised by martial arts experts worldwide.

E NKS’ full-time locations are designated martial arts schools that are well-equipped, safe and clean.

S Because life is crazy busy, we have morning, lunch-time, evening, weekend + family classes year-round.

T NKS are accessible to public transportation, parking and close to your home.

I NKS’ Quick Start program gives you a chance to get to know us, and our cost-effective tuition is all-inclusive

(Daily group classes, semi-private refreshers, uniforms, crests, curriculum manual, training equipment, special events, exams, belts, transfers, freezes and eligible for the Fitness Tax Credit).  Plus we believe that families/friends who kick together, stick together, so we have special referral rates.

T NKS directors are professional, full-time, owner/operators (take a look at their bios), and since they’re supported by hundreds of certified black belts, our average teacher: student ratio is 1:9.

Bottom-line: stop looking for the PERFECT martial art, and begin looking for the BEST martial arts

SCHOOL for you, your family and friends…we hope it will be your neighbourhood Northern Karate dojo.

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  1. Thanks so much for the guidelines in selecting a martial arts school. The T.E.S.T.I.T. acronym will be super helpful in choosing a school for my son. I would imagine that the teacher to student ratio would be especially important since that will determine how much time your student will have with the instructors individually.

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