The Buzz

Rather than telling you about NKS and how we aim to exceed your expectations, we let our students and parents do the talking.


“Your school and your superb instructors have been a wonderful gift for all of us. It has changed our lives.”
Liane McG (NKS Black Belt, NKS Mom)

“The transformation (NKS) has had on my daughter and me personally is nothing short of amazing. She is applying herself so well at school and I feel younger than I have in years. A great schedule, amazing teachers, and program thats great for all ages. I couldn’t be happier with the decision to join a year ago.”
Jason B

“Fantastic, fantastic instructors who truly care about their students. Such a great environment for kids and adults alike who want to learn and have a great time doing so!”
Kelly S

“Just a quick note to let you know how meaningful my experience with Northern Karate has been. I received my Shodan belt on Saturday along with my son Javier (whom I am very proud of). It was an honour. At 49 years of age, I don’t get too many opportunities to get a “brand new start” in too many things, so this feels tremendous, a new starting point with a huge potential for growth; physically, mentally and spiritually. Karate has smoothly integrated itself into both my personal and business life. It supports my day to day and enables me to approach life and work with confidence in the spirit of humility and service. Many thanks again.”
Jonathan M

“NKS training is something I recommend that everybody should try and immerse yourself in. Not just a particular style or form of martial arts but a way of life. Awesome facilities with committed instructors.”
Mekaal S

“I went to this karate school (NKS) for assessment recently. I was worried about a recent injury but the instructor was very kind and took my worries into account. I have decided to start lessons here and could not be more pleased. My instructor went above and beyond to work out a phenomenal class schedule I could attend, even with odd shift work and hours.”
Stephanie B

“Top-notch school for all levels -welcoming, caring staff, exceptional instructors, great facilities and programming – I highly recommend NKS.”
Paolo F

“… real MA is not about theory, but actually sweating with some amazing people, under the watchful eye of not just teachers, dare I say…masters. I come to Northern Karate not to beat my foe, but to better myself.”
Tony S

“Joining Northern Karate back in February has been a wonderful experience. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. I am in the best shape that I’ve been in years. The instructors are wonderful and highly knowledgeable. They help you to achieve your best! It’s a great place to be!”
Shawn S

“I am very happy. My daughter started going and is loving it. She had been bullied at school and her self esteem was being destroyed. Since karate she has been enjoying school and is more confident. The instructors have been amazing and I am looking forward to watching my child receive her black belt someday.”
Paula C

“Dreams have no expiry date”. Twenty years ago, doctors told me that I wouldn’t be able to walk again normally. Thanks to medical help, God’s compassion, my stuborn character, training at Northern School and Hanshi’s great guidance here I am. Thank you NKS for making dreams come true.”
Shpresa A L

“Great instructors and staff. They truly care about the children and help them become the best possible person they can be.”
Dawn C

“Have been going to NKS with my daughter for 5 years. Fantastic place. Highly recommend that dads get their daughters in karate starting at 4 or 5. Great fitness, discipline, fun summer camps (my daughter attends 4 weeks every summer and it’s always her favorite camp), and gives the girls a ton of confidence.”
Pierre B

“Simply the best karate school in Toronto. Each dojo is led by a respectful, highly skilled teacher.”
Drbbruch S

“Really nice staff, great dojos!”
Shehzad M

“Hands down best karate school in the City.”
Brad S

These are just a handful of the comments we’ve received. We’re grateful for each one, and honoured to be part of our students’ lives.